What is Self Storage?

Self Storage allows you to store your possessions in a secure storage container that suits your needs. It’s a service that puts you in full control of your goods. Whether it’s Christmas decorations, a classic car, tools and equipment or surplus goods. It’s your choice what you store.
You can easily access your container between 7am – 7pm and enjoy easy access as and when you need it.

Harborough Storage
from £80.00 per calendar month

Here at Harborough Storage, we’re not fussed with what you’d like to store, as long as it’s legal!
Whether you’re storing for your Business, Personal or Student use, all containers from £80.00 per calendar month. There’s no long-term contract and no fuss!

Business Storage

Harborough Storage containers provide businesses with an affordable, flexible and reliable storage solution. With no business rates or service charges, just the monthly payment. You can access your container between 7:00 am7:00 pm with no fuss.

Personal Storage

Self Storage is a great, low-cost way of freeing up needed space from your house, with no long term contacts either! Store whatever you need to free up space at home and access it between 7:00 am & 7:00 pm.

Student Storage

When you’re revising for your exams, the last thing you want to be thinking about is what to do with your stuff over the holidays. Simply store whatever you’d like and access it between 7:00 am & 7:00 pm.

Container Dimensions

All containers are one size.

Length: 20ft // 609.6cm
Width: 8ft // 243.84cm
Height: 8ft // 243.84cm

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Things We Would Prefer Not To Be Stored

If you are not sure what is permitted to be stored, please make sure you check with us first.

Anything Flammable or Pressurized

Be aware of pressurized containers, petrol, oil, propane, gas, fuel and chemicals which may be flammable. We would prefer these not to be stored here.

Perishable Food

You can store food which is in cans, jars or bottles. However, food such as fruit and vegetables can decay or go bad quickly which can attract vermin.

Pets or Animals

We hope it goes without saying that you are not allowed to keep your pets or ANY other animals in storage.

Stolen or Illegal Goods

To be clear, storing anything illegal or stolen will result in instant removal.

Any Questions? Contact Simon – 07850 942094

Useful Tips

Is this your first time storing goods?
If so, these tips should come in handy!

Open the door of your container regularly to check on your contents and help ventilation and air circulation.
Keep perishable items on pallets or runners to ensure they avoid contact with spillages.
Drain all fuel or flammable liquids before storing.
Ensure liquids are stored in sealed containers to reduce the likelihood of condensation.
Larger items of furniture benefit from being stored with small gaps between each other and also between them and the container walls. This is to help air circulation within the container.
Make sure to check the width of your vehicle before storing it.
Use sheets of cardboard or plastic on the floor or over soft furnishings.
Use ramps to get your vehicle over the small ridge at the entrance of the container.
If storing garden and garage tools, we suggest that you clean them thoroughly and wipe them down with an oiled rag, this helps prevent rust.
Thoroughly dry refrigerators, freezers and washing machines before storing. The same with ovens and cooking utensils to prevent mold or rust. Store appliances with the doors slightly ajar.
Use plastic transparent boxes for storing small items – this is great to be able to see what is where without opening everything.
Cut timber wedges to bridge the small step at the entrance of the container if vehicles or equipment are regularly taken in and out.
Fit racks to organise and store materials and tools.
Use ceiling hooks to hang frames, netting or support lines, crisscrossing the container.
Disassemble beds and wardrobes to save space. Chairs can be stowed seat-to-seat or upside down on other items. Store large items such as mattresses and settees on end or vertically.
We suggest important documents or other paperwork to be stored inside lidded plastic boxes and store them in the same place.

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